Co-innovation bring your idea to life

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What happened to that goldfish ? – your great idea which just didn’t make it through commercialization. Sure, you have re-invented the wheel dozens of times and you probably also left a few golden opportunities in the disturbing “clay layer” of your organization.   Like those of us who invented the tablet PC 15 years ago

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EUROSTARS – Financial support for international co-innovation

  EUROSTARS – innovation program under Horizon 2020 with a € 1,14B budget Eurostar supports international innovation projects where research and development are conducted by SMEs. The program supports the development of fast-paced innovations (products, processes and services) that help improve everyday life for people around the world. In practice, support for up-to 60% of

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Creating new ways of working with digital documents, new content & automating workflows ultimately provide the opportunity for improved commercial efficiency. Yes – cutting costs, increasing efficiency, reducing risk and staying compliant are all parts of the value proposition – most of all easy access to relevant information enable better client service and better business.

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