Asia Trading Services

Virkon provide practical assistance from initial investigations to actual implementation and operation of businesses in new markets.  4  Virkon consultants are experts in international business and 2 of the  senior advisors are operational experts in establishing trading, sourcing and full business operations in China and Asia as well as sourcing and supporting Asian operations in actual establishment in Denmark and Europe in general.

 We can secure timely and successful establishment of your business in new markets.

Some of the themes and services we may work with you on are:

  • Market testing – assess the actual market for your product and plan the right entrance
  • Innovation collaborations – establish value chain and production collaborations
  • Product sourcing assessment – Evaluate the efficiency opportuniues in alternative sourcing
  • Outsourcing evaluation – Evaluate the pro and cons of production outsourcing
  • Establishment in new markets – preperation of in market establishment
  • GTM strategy & plan – properation of go-to-market strategy and operational plan
  • GTM implementation – provide competent resource for actual implementation
  • On-site representation – establish local business representation
  • Supplier readiness assesment – evaluation of the internal preperation required
  • Business establishment – set-up local operation, legal entity, organization
  • Actual trading – initiate and progress trading in the new market (e.g. Denmark, EMEA, China)

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