Internationalization & export


There are many reasons for international expansion and when succes apear value will become very clear

The company value will increase

  • Productivty will improve
  • New knowledge and competences are gained
  • The company becomes a more attractive workplace 
  • You participate in the global marketplace
  • Your strategic outlook will get much stronger


There will be many considerations, strategic and operational preperation tasks as well as resource fremework for implementation.  What is your competitive edge internationally ?  – and how to finance from “plan” to “cash” ?

We have practical and real expertice in international expansion and commercialization and cal assist with all matters – from strategy and businessplanning to, basic establsihment and even the practical implementation in all countries and all situations.


We have 5000 enthuisatic colleges to offer dedicated participation and have developed several key notes and workshops which can serve as initial inspiration or kick-off. e.g.





Internationalization concern all areas in the organization and planning need to chater for everything which “run smoothly” in your domestic market. 

internationalization proces


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