Salgs performance

Sales Excellence drives the business.

Key tools in the Virkon Toolbox for sales excellence:

Customer Acquisition Model – define optimum acquisition model to ensure efficiensales approach adopted to the specific industry (“Simply Selling”, “Strategic Selling” or “Solution Selling”).
Sales Force Optimisation – design of an efficient sales force organisation with tools and structure that supports the overall company objective.
Structured Market Segmentation – model to facilitate structured segmentation of your market and provide understanding of each segments value proposition to build efficient sales tactics.
Go-to-Market Models – structured approach to build the plans from evaluation of business opportunity to have revenue from that market.
Export and internationalisation – structured approach to evaluate export opportunities.

Sales Excellence is – to manage your sales organisation efficiently and effect fully by being on forefront with customer needs in order to deliver a unique value proposition that results in long and profitable customer relations.

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