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A little more information about our approach and options. You must finally contact us for further information that precisely relates to your context.

What do management consultants do?

We cover consulting for companies, within almost all disciplines. We typically address the top management and the owners, and like to start by analyzing existing issues and challenges. Because we have broad experience, contacts, a good understanding of ‘best practice’, we can help with good solutions and take pride in being independent advisers

Which industries do you work with?

We work with almost all industries – both international groups, the public sector and local SMEs. We all have extensive concrete management experience and are also experts in specific industries and professional areas. We are extremely well dressed and always have our team of trade and market experts involved in task solving and advice.

How does counseling work?

We have expertise, experience and methods that ensure that we understand exactly how we can best help with the tasks we participate in. We ensure that we understand the context, clarify the real situation, align expectations and agree on a concrete joint plan. We put on your “cap” and work with you on the solution. This means you can get concrete expert assistance for tasks that only come up now and then, and do not require internal knowledge and competence – or you may need help to complete larger projects, implementation, sales campaigns, strategy processes, etc. – where you yourself do not have the necessary capacity or insight. We have that, we know how to find good, usable solutions. Read any a little more in the articles on this page.


VIRKON advises companies internationally, is represented in several countries and operates based on our customers’ needs.


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