Together with the company’s management, strategy and business development frameworks are formulated and validated, including the development of new business areas. Den relaterede PMO basis etableres og aktiviteter og rådgivning omkring Innovation, Kommercialisering og forretningsoptimering gennemføres optimalt.

Better, Faster, Greener = greater value

Your company’s future growth depends on the steps you take today. VIRKON’s advisers have extensive practical experience from the international business world, and a passion for helping companies safely into the future.

Your company must be matched with exactly the skills, solutions and plan that will produce noticeable results, and we take the time to do that, because our success is a result of our clients’ growth.



Practical advice that creates value for you and your customers is the core of our philosophy. This means we work practically and flexibly with all types of projects and tasks, from interim and transformational roles to project-related services.


What drives your company’s future value creation?. Do you have a competitive innovation culture? The platforms on which your company will build in the future must be identified, qualified and developed now. This requires targeted innovation activities


Commercial Strategy

The company’s commercial potential is about much more than ordinary sales skills. VIRKON works with tested tools for analysis, assessment and optimization of all the parts that together make up your company’s commercial ability.


Business Excellence

Effective management and objective insight are the best starting point for balancing short-term objectives with long-term ambitions. VIRKON has operational experience with a number of effective methods that can give your company’s overall business framework a thorough boost



Commercialization includes idea qualification, facilitation and generation of valid strategic objectives and ensuring that the organization is enabled to achieve the objectives (strategic, market and financial) that are agreed upon in the decision-making process.


Sales excellence

Provides leadership and competence that continuously helps the sales organization to be able to operate efficiently and without problems. Ensures the company understands market and customer needs, that salespeople are competent, can deliver common solutions and value propositions that underpin continuous customer relationships.


Digital strategy

A good understanding of the company’s real processes through all links and interactions in the value chain allows for the establishment of the optimal digital strategy, with concrete recommendations and priorities in the areas that can be advantageously changed/digitalized and automated.


Potential Evaluation

The process of potential clarification provides a structured overview of the areas the company can digitalise, upgrade and improve in order to create concrete efficiency and business development results.


Market Strategy

An effective “go-to-market” GTM strategy provides answers to what is sold to whom, where, why and explains goals and how these are anchored internally and externally. A clear resource plan and “tool box” supports the overall sales and marketing activities.


Sourcing & Production

Analysis and identification of product and production promotion initiatives.

We thoroughly analyze the value chain with a focus on product development and production execution.


We facilitate results

VIRKON is an organization of experienced advisers who all have extensive management experience in both the public and private sectors. Our starting point is in Denmark, but our network has a global reach and comes into play when your company’s task calls for it.

When we enter into an agreement on consultancy, we undertake to deliver an optimal result together with you.




Tasks completed


Always good results

Internationalization and Export

Advice, facilitation and execution

Virkon actively facilitates internationalization in most parts of the world. From market segmentation, over commercialization to concrete establishment of new business collaborations and units.

Innovation, udvikling og transformation

Project Management Office (PMO)

Virkon’s Project Management concept, which is facilitated by experienced consultants, includes the latest tools and methods that can drive individual projects and entire groups, thereby optimizing the successful implementation of projects.

Should we evaluate the potential?

A potential clarification maps where in the company there are significant opportunities and evaluates how they are realised. This can be done for the entire company or specific areas.

We use structured digital tools & methods, engage the organization and find valid opportunities together.

Project Management Tools

TEAMS project site for participants.

Catena Valore – Dynamisk Knowledge Management

Digital survey, evaluation and analysis platform.

Potential clarification & analysis

Delivery workshop, full digital documentation and report

Full 360g screening and potential clarification for 2 functional areas


  • Automation
  • Market Strategy
  • Digitalization
  • Process evaluation
  • Marketing Optimization

Proces Overview

VIRKON organizes a process with gates that act as measuring points in relation to the results achieved. The course typically has three to five phases, which ensure implementation at the pace you need:

Qualification & Potential assessment

Collection of data that defines your current situation. After this phase, you have a fully documented overview of where your company is right now – AS-IS – and an understanding of your case which means that the next phase, DESIGN, can be planned.

Design & Planlning

AS-IS is clarified if necessary. with selected, deeper analyses. The desired scenario is defined, and a future organization is defined – TO-BE – which can lift the ambitions you have for the company’s future.

Implementation & follow-up

Kick-off on the implementation of TO-BE and mobilization of team and project management. The implementation is followed, measured, and coached or assisted if necessary. Your result is a fully implemented TO-BE setup that can be continuously optimized.

Should we clarify the innovation potential?

The way to the best company is to ensure that the organization can make the best decisions and that the strategy for activities to achieve goals is completely clear.