Our advice cover all areas of concern to owners and managers – from the professional board work, strategy and business development, practical organizational development and to sales and marketing functions of any kind.



What is moving you ahead? You know your future growth platforms?


Succesful commercialization start with appropriate business qualification of the innovation idea.

Business Excellence

Is your business and organization fit for growth?


1. Dedicated and proactive board participation. Virkons advisors become a genuine assert in the company board or advisory board, through active and practical participation in the development of the company. The advisor provide access to a wide range of practical resource and competence which give the professional board a new dimension.

2. Accrediteret business advisors. Virkon advisors are accredited by IIB (Institute of Independent Business), and have active access to a global network of .5000 IIB business advisors. We can establish fast and direct contact to competences, resource and even potential business partners in any market  Virkon use this and other international partnerships to uncover and evaluate international market and business opportunities, We can assist by establishing Go-to-market framework and saleschannels in any part of the world.

3. Strategy and business development. In collaboration with an organization leadership and management we facilitate company strategies, businessplans and operational structures. This include innovation frameworks for new business areas and developments.  We also provide advice and assistance in investment processes, capital increase, generation change, company sales or sales preperation situations. 

4. Sales and marketing. With the starting point in the company "strategy and business plan" - we create an operational marketingplan - which is operational, possible, messurable and dynamic, Establishment and adaption of the "toolbox", creation of the CRM framework and implementation of market focused salesplans.  We facilitate and create qualified market segmentation, client profiling and provide acces to hot-spots.  Organizational competence development such as strategic selling programmes through training programmes and coaching are essential components in succesful business expansion. 

5. Finance. We provide financial analysis and help to optimize the financial relations in the company through optimization of controlling framework and toolset.

6. Operational framework: SCM- QUALITY - PROCESSES . We provide operational transparrancy - analysis of the operatilonal processes, efficiency and productivity benchmarking. We assist in the optimization and documentation of the company ISO/LEAN processes, SCM procedures and actual digitalization situation and opportunities.

7. BSP – Business support program. Virkon offer services tailored to fit the excact requirements. We use the best resource for any tssk and will assign a overall responsible advisor to facilitate all elements of our collaboration.

We provide excellent advice - and we also provide the operational support you require to implement any activity succesfully.

We guarrantee that our services provide value - we're looking foreward to your contact or directly to the listed partners.