Sales & Marketing – toolbox

Surely you already have a set of processes for ensuring products and services  can be marketed, sold and serviced.   The workd is changing rapidly – well established sales channels and processes are beeing disruptet and businesses must transform and innovate to stay in a constant changing game.  Many new services are simply taking over

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Vertical analysis & value proposition

Genuine and real understanding of market segments and verticals. The industry specific conditions, challenges and opportunities will enable you to identify and prioritize resource and activity to maximize results.  Virkon are providing appropriate vertical analysis which will enable you to create your operational toolbox for clients and sales organization alike.  Typical outline A General vertical

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Commercialization Explained

The common academic definitions of commercialization are focused on the process or cycle of introducing a new product or production method into the market.  Experience show that succesful commercialization start with appropriate business qualification of the innovation idea, incubation or R6D project and close ad-hoc market assesment to ensure understanding of fundamental expectations for resource and GTM

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