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VIRKON IT Services

Virkon understands the importance of digital transformation in today's business landscape and has a deep understanding of digitization strategies and can guide companies through the process from streamlining workflows to implementing cloud solutions - and ensures a smooth transition to a digital-first- approach.

e-commerce requirements

It can be a really good idea to test the requirements and needs of your future e-commerce platform through all the company's functions in advance. Thereby you establish the best prerequisites for a good project and a good e-commerce platform.

OpenSource web solutions

There are many possibilities to establish an e-commerce system very "cheaply" by using OpenSource. Your hosting provider probably has several good options. The use of open source can be done super professionally and get it right - but can also become a big problem.

AI Potential

AI stands for artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence in English), and it refers to machines and software capable of performing tasks that normally require human intelligence. AI systems are designed to analyze data, learn from patterns, make decisions and solve problems without direct human intervention.

AI for leadership

AI can be utilized by the company's leadership in several ways to enhance decision-making, efficiency, and strategic planning

AI Sales & Marketing

AI can provide significant value for sales and marketing by enhancing efficiency, increasing personalization, and predicting customer behavior. Using advanced algorithms, AI can predict customer behavior, such as when a customer might be inclined to make another purchase or leave the company. This enables proactive measures to retain customers and enhance customer understanding.

Metaverse ecommerce

Preparing ecommerce systems for metaverse trading will require a new approach to designing and implementing online shopping experiences. This will require a deep understanding of the unique characteristics of the metaverse and a willingness to experiment with new technologies and business models.