VIRKON offers a wide range of advisory services in areas such as business development, strategy, management, technology, sales & marketing, capital, HR and much more. This gives you the opportunity to access different subject areas under the same roof.

VIRKON’s advice and consultants help identify opportunities, tackle challenges, implement projects and achieve success.

By working with VIRKON, you get access to expert advice and resources that can strengthen your company’s growth and competitiveness.

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VIRKON’s advice covers all matters relating to the company’s ability to create value. From strategic board work to organizational transformation, to operational optimization, sales and marketing in practice.

VIRKON has skilled and experienced advisers in various fields. We have a wide range of specialists who can provide you with valuable insight and guidance based on their expertise and experience.

VIRKON’s advisors are up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in their respective fields. They can give you access to the latest knowledge and help you use the most effective methods and tools in your business.

VIRKON focuses on building long-term partnership with our clients. We are there to support your business at different stages and help you adapt and scale your activities as needed.

You get a reliable and continuous advisory service.

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Services & priorites

We work in a structured and dynamic manner with a number of function and process areas that facilitate the company’s innovation


  • Innovation Culture
  • Innovation Management & progression
  • Innovation Collaboration
  • Innovation pipeline
  • Market testing programs
  • POC establishment
  • Ideation & validation
  • Commercialization


  • Sales Management
  • GTM & activities
  • Sales & marketing
  • Markets analysis & Segmentation
  • Export & internationalization
  • CRM optimization
  • Strategic Sales


  • Strategy & Business development
  • Finance & Capital
  • Services optimization
  • Process & efficiency
  • SCM
  • Production & sourcing
  • Digitalization & Automatisering


Transformation Activities

Projekt & program management
Interim Management & coaching Experts assistance
Kick-Start program
Governance set-up


Business Ventures

Acceleration Activities

Capital Search Purchase of company
Sales of company
Sales maturation and change of ownership
EU Support – Partner & Grant


Growth Strategy

Growth initiatives

Future growth platform
Market & segment strategy
Customer and segment potential
Organizational commitment Commercialization strategy


The Counseling Process

All advice is based on your company. VIRKON organizes a process with gates that both function as measuring points and as opportunities to adjust the process in relation to the results achieved. The course typically has four to five phases, which we can advise your company to complete at the pace you need

All aspects of project activities are dynamically documented via TEAMS so that the participating people are always engaged and informed.


Structured Transformation

All advice is based on the company’s real situation and needs. VIRKON organizes a process with gates that both function as measuring points and as opportunities to adjust the process in relation to the results achieved. The course typically has four to five phases, which we can advise your company to complete at the pace you need:

SCOPING determines the purpose of the course, nominates the team and roles, selects a method, a budget and a time frame. Your result after SCOPING is a clear scope for the project including time frame and budget.


The right advice often consists of several types of efforts and methods. We cover both project tasks, concrete expert assistance and longer development processes.

Management consulting

Projektledelse & PMO

Interim management & expert assistance

Training, Coaching & workshops

Partnerships increase impact and reach

VIRKON collaborates with a number of national and international organizations that make it practically possible to contribute with advice and expertise in most markets and industries

Strategic partner in Application development

New and Inspiring

Find inspiration and information in our experiences, activities and guides.

EU Funding

There are several resources available for finding EU Grant opportunities. By exploring these resources and staying up-to-date on the latest funding opportunities, you can increase your chances of securing funding for your research or innovation project.

Mastering Commercial Excellence

As an experienced business manager and advisor, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of commercial excellence in propelling organizations towards sustainable growth and profitability. In today's dynamic business landscape, the ability to commercialize innovations and turn them into perpetual business drivers is paramount for staying ahead of the competition.

Unlocking Sustainable Growth

coaching, mentoring, and flexible operational expert assistance are indispensable resources for empowering business leadership and driving sustainable growth. By investing in these services, organizations can cultivate a culture of excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement that propels them towards their goals.

Has the company’s potential been mapped?

What is the innovation potential? – How is the potential of digitization & automation realized? – Is the market potential being exploited?