H.C. Sloth Frandsen, Partner

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Business excellence & Business development
Contact: (+45) 40 80 43 37  hcf@virkon.dk   LinkedInHC Frandsen

HC has 20 years of solid experience with development of businesses and organizations. The ide range of assignments include international and strategic strategy and businessplan development to more tactical and operational implementation and realization of plans and objectives across organizations.

HC has deep practical experience and expertise

  • Development of strategy and actionplans
  • Supply Chain Management – agile and client driven supplychains
  • Strategic program development, management and process optimization
  • strategic selling and sales excellence

HC has an energetic, creative and comitted approach to his assignments and work dedicated and focused on achievement of the agreed targets and objectives.. HC has special interest around the assessment and development of companies ability to identify potential through structured access to optimization of an organizations value chain and processes.

HC is Accredited Associate of the Institute of independant business IIB www.iib.ws