Digital Business Innovation – Augmented Reality

The missing link in mobile digitalization ”Augmeted reality”  technology is a reality, and fueled by even increasing mobility , very fast providing a wide range of benefits and opportunities for stakeholders. Both Users and businesses can adopt solutions and services which will provide accurate decision support and increased value creation.    Users have to opportunity to

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Digitalisering og innovation hænger strategisk sammen

DIGITALISERINGS STRATEGIEN SKAL HAVE DET RIGTIGE AFSÆT FOR AT GIVE OPTIMAL EFFEKT.     Digitaliseringen tager udgangspunkt i forretningen.  Den forretningsmæssige digitalisering  Hvordan digitalisering kan anvendes til at skabe nye forretning  (e.g. innovation), størrere effektivitet, laverer omkostninger, bedre stakeholder relationer, bedre organisatorisk dynamik og samarbejde etc. Her udføres konkrete digitaliserings assessments – dvs. hvor er

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Kommercialisering forklaret

The common academic definitions of commercialization are focused on the process or cycle of introducing a new product or production method into the market.  Experience show that succesful commercialization start with appropriate business qualification of the innovation idea, incubation or R6D project and close ad-hoc market assesment to ensure understanding of fundamental expectations for resource and GTM

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