Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and what it means

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and what it means, as well as how it’s used.

From the beginning

Starting from the beginning, ECM is a method to help people organize their digital files and documents better. It’s taking the tools given to you and putting it all together in a simpler and organized manner. It’s the building blocks required to capture, manage, store and preserve as well as deliver documents that support the key process of organization. What does that mean for you, you ask? As most know, it’s pretty hard to manage your content so that it can be used in a helpful and appropriate manner. However, it doesn’t have to be with ECM.

Enterprise Content Management

To sum it up, Enterprise Content management isn’t just one thing, but multiple things that work together to achieve one goal. It gathers and collects, provides the tools, organization and all you can need while being made accessible to the people you want. There are a few different processes that make up the entire process of what Enterprise Content Management does.

  1. Capture
  • This is the part in which the content is uploaded to the system.
  1. Manage
  • This part is pretty self-explanatory. It’s the method in which the content is stored in a manner that it can be used and accessed by whomever you want.
  1. Store
  • This is the home you find for the content. Where ever your safe place happens to be for the information you want made accessible.
  1. Preserve
  • This part is perhaps one of the most important when it comes to the process. It refers to how you’ll store the content so that no matter how far down the road you go, it’s accessible at any date and time. This is also critical because should something happen to the content you’ll have a form of back up.
  1. Deliver
  • The final step in which the person the content is designated for actually gets the product to do what they will with it. Also it gives them access to the information when they need it as they need it.

We often use this roadmap from the global ECM organization, AIIM, to make sure we consider all the aspects for each type of information and document we work with.

To sum up the whole process, it’s an automation of processes, and work flow through digitalization. ECM is a whole new way in which people are able to do something with their ideas and the content. It’s the entire process including the tools you’ll need to use those ideas and make them functional. At the same time, you’re putting this whole process together to make creating and making the most of the content you’re using possible. While some processes make work for some people, ECM is more of a foundation of a strong content processing system that has been digitalized. It’s step by step in guiding you what you need to do to reach the final goal. ECM can help you to be guided without fail through the process so you can figure out what to do at each turn of the digital content world.                 

Feel free to reach out and connect to our ECM-specialist Michael Fray 

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