Innovation in your company

What does innovation mean to your company ?

  • Do you have a well defined (business) innovation strategy?
  • What might be the typical current pain points / opportunities where innovation may be applied?
  • How would you define the culture of innovation within your organization?


Challenges of innovation 

Contineous innovation is required to sustain competitive edge and secure future existence and earnings for the company. 

The ideas and projects contributing does not appear automatically out of the blue – and resource priorities, quality of decision making context is not simple. Many companies encourage innovation contribution from employees and other stakeholders, but experience show that it require quite a bit more than your average “suggestion box” to achieve real organizational engagement and clear results. 

What drive and kills innovation in an organization ?

A range of questions, which contribute to creation of results, can be asked. Often it’s most important to ensure we know ..



The tasks of identifying and focus on the right ideas, where in the organization innovation ledership recides and the ability to develop a real innovation culture in the company will be determining for the creation of messurable business effects.

VIRKON has the experience and methods to facilitate and implement framework and tools for the development of the innovation capabilities in the organization.  

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