Creating new ways of working with digital documents, new content & automating workflows ultimately provide the opportunity for improved commercial efficiency.

Yes – cutting costs, increasing efficiency, reducing risk and staying compliant are all parts of the value proposition – most of all easy access to relevant information enable better client service and better business.

Enterprise Content Management is implemented by means of technology!
Creation of a strategy for “business digitalization” – which support and enhance the wider organization is something executive management should concern themselves with.

We say ECM is 75% business, 25% technology.

ECM is an ongoing and evolving strategy for maximizing how your content is to be used.
Managing digital content in a way that makes sense to the organization, is really not about technology. It is about making sure that ECM initiatives and projects, gives the company value – both long and short term.

It is about creating new and smarter ways of working for the entire organization. It is about cutting costs and raising efficiency. It is about reducing risks and being compliant in a complex world. It is about agile strategy.  A strategy that constantly needs to be dynamic and evolved as the company’s maturity increase.

Strategy and change is something executive management is responsible for! Disagree?

Gold or Garbage?
All enterprises have already adopted solutions for ERP and CRM. These systems manage the “gold” in terms of financials, resources and valued customers. What a mess it would be without! Yet, the data may be there – in a “system” somewhere – but, in-accessible or comprehendible for organization roles who may be able to create valuable information about , products, clients, finances etc. – which are important for appropriate management of priorities and resource.

So, why is it that many companies still lack strategies, programmes and solutions for managing knowledge and digital “gold”? If there is any truth to the saying “Knowledge is gold”, one may wonder why many companies just treat it like garbage.

Wake up Europe
Many US companies are investing heavily in ECM. A report from Nucleus Research shows that for every dollar spent on modern ECM, the company gets 7.5 dollar back. Why is this not interesting to CxO’s in Europe ?.

Can it be argued that European companies just haven’t realized this yet.

We consult on Digitalization, Knowledge management & ECM for a number of large Scandinavian companies in all kinds of verticals. When we start out and dive into the all possibilities with ECM, almost everybody always experience an epiphany and go “WOW – we did not know…”  

The world change continously, and European companies are struggling to keep up with a changing business landscape, new competition, EU regulations etc.

A good ECM structure will not do all the work for you, but it surely can boost the business and make it a lot more agile.

Managing digital documents, e-mails and other content with no plans and solutions in place, is like managing financials and customers in a spreadsheet. What are you doing ?

VIRKON provide expertise in business digitalization and can provide an objective digitalization assessment with relevant value priorities as well as ensure new digital services are being implemented successfully in the organization.

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