Sales Excellence


Guarranteed effect –  VIRKON sales excellence 

Client engagement model –  Define the optimal customer acquisition model and ensure an effective sales approach is prepared, implemented and pursued in relation to each market segment and vertical. Our methods and training programs include  (“Simply Selling”, Strategic Selling and “Solution Selling”)

Salesforce optimization – Design of an effective sales organization includes frameworks, structure, customer interfaces, support and toolboxes that ensure achievement of the company’s overall goals. Methods include, for example, Competence Profile, Sales Career Planning, Targeting Guide, Sales Management Portal, “Toolbox and operational digitalization.

Structured market segmentation – Model for facilitating structured segmentation of the market secures knowledge about the real needs, market sizes, access conditions (regulatory, competition) and ensures that the best possible communication, marketing and sales activities can be established in an effective market plan. Virkon prepares fx. Vertikale market analysis    including objective business analysis and recommendations.

Go-to-Market model – Market access is continually changing. Digitalization, consumer needs, globalization and international economy put your market models to the test. Profitability and channel models and product areas change. New innovations often require new market models and the existing ones must be optimized. Virkon can assist with optimization and practical implementation of dynamiske GTM models.

Export and internationalization – structured establishment of business outside the home country can be done in many different ways – it is important to evaluate the correct market access, resources and priorities to included in the evaluation and operational market plan. Virkon are experts and works with a globally active network that ensures quick and accurate response and operational assistance. We uncover opportunities in specific projects or in general and it may be a good idea to start with a Internationalization workshop.

There are a number of other important factors that contribute to sales effectiveness, for example. Bid Management, Market Test (Find the Real Hot-spots in the Market), Effective Sales Channel Program (Resellers and Partners’ Positive Participation in Sales Force)

Sales Excellence is – Providing Leadership and Competence Frames that continually help the sales organization to operate effectively and unproblematically with exitsting and future clients. Secure the company understands the market and client needs,  than sales are information carriers and competece leaders and able to deliver common solutions and value propositions that support continuous long-term customer relationships.




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