Unique Biotech Investment Opportunity – APIVault

Apillet is a Biotech company that have developed and patented a unique Oral Drug Delivery concept, APIVault, which enable targeted release of Sensitive pharmaceuticals, Probiotics, Biopharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals and Oral Vaccines.

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This Biotech company have developed and patented a unique Oral Drug Delivery concept which enable targeted release of Sensitive pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals, Microbiota, Nutraceuticals and Oral Vaccines.

The application of new specialized encapsulations represents a valuable possibility for the development of new tablets and capsules for oral delivery and offer clear value propositions for Patients and the Health sector alike.

A Significant innovation pipeline enable sustained long-term business development as a prominent licensing & Innovation service company in the Biotech industry.

The PCT patent is covering a novel specialized encapsulation technology which currently is being developed into a gastro-resistant enteric coating. The technology is based solely on biocompatible non-toxic ingredients Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) and is suitable for the development of a broad range of new pharmaceutical products.

The global market for oral drug delivery is large and continue to grow. Driven by increasing population, challenged health services, availability of medication and supplements. In addition the need for better working treatments, further reach in the population, treatment of critical “wealth” deceases (Obesity, Diabetes etc.) – as well as pandemics such as covid-19 and increase in e.g. zika, malaria and yellow fever drive demand for new applications and delivery methods.

The invention improves the effect and availability of medicines significantly.

The company was founded in 2017, by experienced scientists, who have invented the concept and achieved global patent in 2019. Founders have financed all development to date.

The company is now searching for funding and partnerships to enable finalization of prototype production, pre-clinical trials, commercialization & business development and are inviting strategic and financial investors to participate.

For any inquiries and additional information please contact:

Michael Plougmann 

e-mail: mip@virkon.dk