Corporate considerations – how does good look like ?

The company strategy & plans are constantly being tested

by clients, competition, employees, shareholders – and increasingly from new innovations, new busines models and new consumer behaviour and use patterns.

You want to become a “game changer” a catalyst for change and positve developments

That is the central element in most start-up & entreprenur dreams. New creations are made to improve or use a situation in a market or society. Without constant change and improvement future value simply isn’t created. 

What do your company want to change ?

=>  How is that best done ? What are the internal and external conditions and priorties ?

In order to keep the thoughts i at usefull direction you can test your situation on a few basic themes. 

1: The core values in your portfolio => business catalyst and value creaton ability

2: Operational efficiency => reduce complexity, reduce cost, increase efficiency

3: Availability of information  => Business digitalization and information understanding will determin your ability to create new business opportunities 

Main activity items:

The innovation funnel  => Do you have innovations to secure future growth ?

The growth platform => Do you have scalable and objective commercialization framework ? 

Operational efficiency => Can you implement, deliver and lead organization and resource to the good result ? 

How does good look like ?

  for you ? , clients ?  employees ? stakeholders ? 


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