EUROSTARS – Financial support for international co-innovation


EUROSTARS – innovation program under Horizon 2020 with a € 1,14B budget

Eurostar supports international innovation projects where research and development are conducted by SMEs. The program supports the development of fast-paced innovations (products, processes and services) that help improve everyday life for people around the world. In practice, support for up-to 60% of project costs can be granted and approx. 30% of project applications in recent years programs have received support.

It is emphasized that the results are market-oriented and can be commercialized.

The objective is to develop International collaborations, which allows small businesses to combine and share expertise beyond national borders.

This is a program SMEs in all member states can benefit from. 

First of all, you must be eligible to participate in a project – once you have ensured that are the main points.

  1. You must have or define a project in which you as SMEs account for 50% of the cost of developing a given product.
  2. You must identify at least 1 international partner who actively participates in the project
  3. The result of the project must be commercialized within 3-5 years

Application deadline is March 1st 2018. Applications are open now. The program manager recommends to reserve 4 weeks of calendar time for the application process. Evaluation and approval then takes 4-7 months.

Participation and funding are handled by a National project coordinator. The local contacts and rules are available here. 

You can get all information here.  Information from EUROSTAR

Virkon can assist in designing the project, identifying and establish innovation cooperation with relevant partners, establish commercialization strategy and plan, support the application process and the subsequent project assistance.