Salg & marketing – værktøjs kassen

Surely you already have a set of processes for ensuring products and services  can be marketed, sold and serviced.  

The workd is changing rapidly – well established sales channels and processes are beeing disruptet and businesses must transform and innovate to stay in a constant changing game.  Many new services are simply taking over and the lifespan of corporates are dropping rapidly.  Regardless of the business you’re in – the situation is the same – and you have to ensure that your business proposition are hitting the right requirements the moment they arise.

A structured and dynamic toolbox can help to ensure that information levels, activity patterns and market coverage stay dynamic.

VIRKON have developed a toolbox assesment model and a guide to ensure a business are well covered. This  also include options for full digitalization of all stakeholder transaction and information sharing. Priorities and relevance of the toolbox elements varies according to business.

We can work with you to assess and adapt your situation.

Some of the elements required are listed as examples here

Strategy:   Express what you want to achieve, how, who , where  – and what good look like. Make sure everyone in the organization know and understand.

Launch plan and program to clearify who, what and when

Market abd Channel strategy and program structure

A central part of the GTM plan and exploitation of the opportunities is a close and realistic collaboration with each relevant business unit.  We need to ensure that local/partner management are fully included and agree to which extent and which resource a market plan can be adopted. In this proces we will allocate and adapt support resource and competence to support the joint objective.

The aim is to agree a joint set of objectives with the local management – include appropriate KPI, govenance, incentives ,resource  and support.  A proper readiness assesment wil ensure realistic objectives and a joint plan which can be fuly supported.

Simply selling portal:  Everything your direct and indirect salesforce require to perform

  • Portfolio catalouge
  • Partner information
  • Training and tutorials
  • Demo and usecases
  • Services
  • Process information
  • FAQ

Vertical Toolbox: Specific value propositions for key verticals should be prepared.

3M Plan: The 3M plan contain all Marketing activities over 12 month and in detail over rolling 3 Months period. This plan include cost and resourse ans well as RACI information

Sales material: a simple template to follow the status of required material


Similar check and follow-up templetes should be made for services and SCM to ensure all organisationsal units are alighned.


The internal Sales governance

Keeping balanced support, leadership and governance accoss a sales and marketing organisation with many departments while providing the appropriate drive and guidance is a major challenge. Using Digitalization tools to consolidate can free energy for progression. Here is one real example for inspiration.

SM Portal