Vertikal analyse og value proposition


Genuine and real understanding of market segments and verticals. The industry specific conditions, challenges and opportunities will enable you to identify and prioritize resource and activity to maximize results. 

Virkon are providing appropriate vertical analysis which will enable you to create your operational toolbox for clients and sales organization alike. 

Typical outline


A General vertical toolbox

  • Vertical presentations: specific segment (Legal, Health, Engineering, Public etc.)
  • WEB landing page: (Each vertical)
  • Value proposition info: (flyer Legal mobilprint
  • DM introduction templates: (for CRM, Social etc.)
  • Media plan: (How each segment is addressed)
  • Google: (if/what/when)
  • Linked-in activity:(Specific plan)
  • CASE study & references: (explain VP)


  • Vertical analysis: Internal competence facilitation:pr. segment
  • Sharepoint information exchange:
  • Virtual team experience exchange:


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